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                The educational research achievement of College English teaching reform approved as the leading one nationally

                Author:   Published:2017-12-27   Hits:

                On June 10, the teaching research program “research and practice in intensive communicative College English curriculum reform to develop the students’ pragmatic language competence”, hosted by He Wei, the dean of school of foreign languages (SFL), is certified by experts of Ministry of Education in Hubei Province. The teaching research achievement is approved as the leading program nationally. Liu Gongcheng, secretary of WTU’s discipline inspection commission, members of the project and teacher’s representative of SFL took part in the certifying meeting, which was hosted by Zhang Chang, standing deputy chief of teaching affairs department.

                The certifying commission is made up of chairman of committee , Prof. Fan Weiwei (member of the Ministry of Education college English teaching committee , president of college foreign language teaching and research association in Hubei province, dean of SFL of Huazhong University of Science & Technology) and members of the committee , Prof. Zhao Xueai(member of the Ministry of Education college English teaching committee, director of foreign language department of Northwest Polytechnic University), Prof. Wang Huoyan(director of English department of Wuhan University), Prof. Wang Lun(director of foreign language teaching and research section of Military Economic Institute) and Prof. Guo Yangsheng(professor of educational college of Alberta University in Canada).

                Professor Liu Gongcheng, on behalf of WTU, extended warmest welcome to the experts who came here to join the certifying work. He also introduced some general situation of our SFL’s recent development and achievements in College English curriculum reform and practice. Then He Wei, on behalf of the whole project group, reported the main achievements attained in this project.

                The present experts listened carefully to the report of project group’s work and research, examined related supporting materials and inquired some on-the-spot questions. Through careful discussion, all the committee members agreed to let the project pass the appraisement because on one hand, the achievements had advanced educational idea, rational and novel teaching design, notable teaching effect and outstanding characteristic, on the other hand, the project had set a good example of college English teaching reform and achieved the expected goal.